What you need to know about arm lifts

Having slim, sculpted arms can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. Unfortunately, even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it can be difficult to get rid of stubborn arm fat, for that reason people have been turning to plastic surgery to help them achieve the beautiful arms they dream of.

The “batwing” it’s the excess fat and/ or loose skin on your upper arms that jiggles when you wave and adds inches to your arms. An arm lift or Brachioplasty can tighten, lift, and smooth the skin and tissues of your arm for a more sculpted shape. It can also remove those fat deposits that aren’t responsive to exercise.

During the surgery you will be placed under anesthesia, excess fat will be surgically removed, and the doctor may use liposuction to shape them into more aesthetically contour. The length and location of the scar will be discussed during physical evaluation, determined by the sagging skin excess degree.

You will have some bruising and swelling following the procedure, but the improvement will be noticeable right away. The doctor will give you specific care instructions that you must follow carefully to have a speedy recovery.

When exercise and diet can only get you so far, an arm lift can be a great way to get the sexy arms you\\\\\\\’ve dreamed of.