Labiaplasty is a procedure that can be done on its own or in combination with vaginoplasty. The goal of this operation, typically performed by an experienced practitioner – changing the size/shape so they better match your unique self image, while also making any asymmetries less noticeable. A labiaplasty can be done using either a general anesthetic or a local anesthetic with sedation. It involves shortening or reshaping the vaginal lips. The unwanted tissue is cut away with a scalpel or laser. The loose ege may be stitched with dissolvable stitches. 

You’ll be able to walk around and engage in light activity within a week after surgery, but you will need enough time for healing before going back to all activities in six weeks. This type of procedure has an extremely long process that can take 12 – 18 months or more.

Fat transfer to labia majora:

The labia majora, or larger outer vaginal lips are made mostly out of skin and subcutaneous fat. With hormonal changes comes loss in size due to shrinkage with age – which means that these regions become thinner or droopier as you get older – but there’s no need for concern because it is possible to restore some volume back by replacing lost fat!

The Labia Majora  can be restored to its youthful appearance with liposuction and fat transfer. The subcutaneous fat that has been lost by aging is recruited from one area such as the love handles and thighs which will give you more volume in this procedure.

When the procedure is complete, you may experience swelling that can last anywhere from three to six weeks. Once this period of time has passed and your body’s healing process has finished its course, there will be a more youthful contour in place!

Labia minora labiaplasty (skin excess correction):

Whether you are bothered by the size and shape of your labia or experience discomfort, such as chafing due to excess skin in this area; there may be a solution. Labiaplasty can make changes including trimming away some tissue and increasing others so that they settle smoothly into place while also restoring comfort during activities like walking. It’s important for women of all ages to address any problems in relation to their genitalia, for your daily comfort and self esteem.

The initial swelling and soreness decrease over time. Most of it goes away after six weeks, but you may need a little more than four months for complete healing before seeing final  results.

The pains associated with this procedure are usually temporary; they only last up until about the first couple days or so following an operation like these – which means that most people find themselves getting substantially better faster thanks to their fantastic Dr. Mallol, who does such great work!

Vaginal tightening:

Dr. Mallol offers Non-Surgical Laser Vaginal Tightening! A revolutionary procedure that can help restore youthfulness and improve stress urinary incontinence. Using their unique vaginal probe, energy from a laser is delivered safely to the full circumference of your vagina for collagen production as well as remodeling purposes! This comfortable yet noninvasive rejuvenation treatment tightens everything in sight – including surrounding ligaments which strengthen against potential vaginal damage such as childbirth or the aging process. 

Dr. Mallols’ extensive training and experience in operating laser equipment make this procedure extremely safe, as it does not require any downtime for healing purposes–making the results of his work seen immediately after just one treatment!

Vaginal Fat fill for vaginal tightening:

You may be more comfortable with your sexuality as you grow older, but that doesn’t mean the changes are welcome. Dragging out old wounds and adding scars isn’t appealing to anyone – especially since there is natural beauty in every woman’s body! That said though life does offer us opportunities for growth! 

One way we can take advantage of these things happening within our own lives (without letting them change who we truly are) would involve vaginal rejuvenation surgery with Dr. Mallol. This type of procedures includes fat transfer into labia , trimming excess tissue from insideVagina(s), tightening of the vagina or a combination of these procedures, which can boost your confidence, increase sexual satisfaction and return your body to the way it was before the aging and child birth process occurred.

The recovery time for a vaginal rejuvenation, depending on what procedure is done, could be anywhere from 6 weeks – 18 months. Ahead of a Vaginal Rejuvenation, Dr. Mallol will advise the patient to stop smoking, drinking and taking aspirin or certain other medications prior to the surgery.

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