Lipo also shapes (contours) these same locations which makes you look more youthful than before – giving this treatment its other popular name: “body contouring.”

Involves sucking out small areas of fat that are hard to lose through exercise and a healthy diet. It’s carried out on areas of the body where deposits of fat tend to collect, such as the back, hips, thighs, arms, tummy, etc.

You may feel some pain, swelling and bruising after surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe medication to help control the discomfort as well antibiotics for reduced risk of infection. We hope you enjoy wearing those tight compression garments-they’re essential. 

Can be effective for many areas of the body, including the:

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Flanks
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Arms
  • Neck

Stomach: –  Tired of trying to slim your stomach fat, no matter how many diets and exercises you do? Eliminate stubborn areas that just won’t go away with liposuction! Dr. Mallol’s advanced treatment methods help you achieve your desired shape of the stomach!

The female abdomen is often an area that struggles with weight loss efforts, but it doesn’t have to be permanent when using liposuction for this problem spot .

Waist: – Women are always looking for that perfect figure. It’s not just about how you look on the outside, but also what lies beneath it. A slim waistline and an attractive appearance from every angle–this is something many women crave! While exercise or dieting may help some attain their desired results in time; others never fully reap benefits simply because they don’t have enough time or energy to spend devoted to proper workout routines/diet plans as well as living life properly with regularity . Liposuction can provide tailored made individual results to give you a super slim waistline! 

After liposuction of the waist, a compression garment is placed to help reduce any swelling. 

Laterals:  Women are often self-conscious about the appearance rolls appearing at the bra line, and this can lead to a lack of confidence. However with cosmetic surgery like liposuction it is possible for them to remove unsightly bulges. Spot reduction is just a myth and the fat around your back can be challenging to remove through dieting alone. Fortunately, liposuction offers an effective solution for unattractive pockets of unwanted weight that warrant removal with no lasting side effects

Following liposuction, patients may experience inflammation and bruising. Some fluid leakage is also normal but should clear up with time; proper rest will help alleviate any discomfort or pain in the postoperative period ( downtime). 

Flanks: – The Flank Liposuction procedure is a surgery that removes fat around the sides and back of your waistline with few scars on your body. Men use this to create V shape from shoulders down into their hips which makes them appear slimmer while making women S-shaped by narrowing it at side areas ideal for  looking better in clothes! 

Most patients experience soreness in the flanks and lower back for about one week. Bruising may not subside for two to three weeks, but swelling can be reduced with ice packs or compression garments; this will help decrease redness caused by inflammation as well! 

Arms: The liposuction of the arms is a procedure that can be done with minimal downtime and no long-term effects. If you’re looking to get rid of unresponsive fat deposits in your arms, this could be just what’s needed! However it should not take its place over exercising or eating well. 

The swelling in your arm after liposuction will go down quickly with the help of bandages or compression garments. You can return to work, but it is important that you take it easy for 2 weeks 24 hours per day while wearing these dressings; don’t lift heavy objects during this time frame unless absolutely necessary! 

Front Arms: The desire for beautiful arms is universal for many people, Dr Mallols’ liposuction technique has been a solution to their problem of wanting more natural definition in this area – particularly feminine or athletic types with an aesthetic preference towards slimming lines over bulky coverage provided by fat deposits on the body’s surface. The latest advance includes using plasma technology which helps reduce swelling post treatment while also achieving tighter skin after weight loss occurs naturally due its own contraction function

We have our patients wear full length compression. The soreness may last 10-14 days depending on individual results.

Armpits: Can armpit fat (axillary fat) be exercised away? Unfortunately, no. Countless exercise programs claim to help you “tone” this area but in all honesty that excess fat really just needs suctioning out so it’s gone forever (once the fatty cells are removed they cannot regenerate). You can’t tone down your axillary roll with exercises alone – only surgery or diet change will provide long term results for permanent cosmetic improvements! The fat is removed by 1-2 tiny incisions (2-3 millimeters) hidden in each armpit crease or near the fold under one’s breasts. 

Wearing a compression garment will help reduce the swelling and bruising that you may experience after surgery. It can take 45 minutes to an hour for patients of both genders, depending on their individual needs.  Avoiding heavy lifting is key.

Pubic area: The mons pubis is the fatty tissue located above one’s bone in a woman’s pelvis. Sometimes this area will become too big and distracting, making it difficult for women to wear tight clothing like leggings or jeans because their fat becomes visible through these thin fabrics which are not designed with ample coverage originally anyway; however if liposuction was performed on them then all would be gone!

Not only can liposuction be used alone to remove excess fat in the mons pubis, but it also works well when combined with other procedures such as tummy tucks and back/side body contouring. The pain from mons pubis liposuction is generally minimal.

Inner thighs: When it comes to achieving the perfect shape, there’s nothing like liposuction. This treatment slims your thighs and can make you feel more confident about yourself in general – not just because of how slimmed down those particular areas are but also because regular lifestyle changes may no longer work for some people who want immediate results! 

With thigh and knee liposuction, the surgeon will make very small incisions that are strategically placed to ensure they reach all fat deposit locations. The scars from these procedures usually don’t show. For the inner thigh, tiny incisions are made near the groin and in between a person’s buttocks. 

Front thighs: Thigh liposuction is one of the most popular leg procedures, Dr. Mallol does this because it provides people with a shapely and smooth thigh area that will make them feel more confident about their body image, especially when done in conjunction with other surgeries such as butt augmentation or breast implants!

Dr. Mallol  focuses primarily on crafting customizations for his patients who have unique preferences before getting surgical sculpting done, but he also knows how important this type of cosmetic procedure can be at helping address cellulite problems. 

The front of the thighs is not a very common treatment area for people. However, it occurs in women who have fat on the front part of their thighs, and look like they’re bottom heavy due to large hips or busts, can be treated with anterior thigh liposuction by Dr Mallol which will maintain balance throughout her leg.

Outer thighs: Outer Thigh liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess fat from the outer part of your thighs. Saddlebags are the fat deposits found on your outer thighs. This type of fat can be easy to gain, but difficult to lose. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of your saddlebags. Saddlebags are the name commonly used to refer to the fat that accumulates on the outer thighs, just below your bottom.

Dr. Mallol will make one or more small incisions near the treatment area. A cannula, or thin tube is inserted through these cuts to lose excess fat beneath your skin and then suck it out with vacuum suction!

Dr. Mallol will give you a compression garment to wear for several weeks following surgery. This helps minimize swelling and encourage optimal skin contraction, which leads directly (and more importantly) into less scarring! With proper care your scars should fade significantly over time. In many cases they’re barely visible after 1 year or even longer if cared for properly from day one. Results can last permanently with proper care. 

Swelling (edema) of the entire leg is normal following this procedure. You can help minimize the swelling by elevating your legs and wearing compression garments while you’re recovering. It is best not to exercise or go back out into public until at least two weeks after surgery has passed when any discomfort eases up enough for safe activity again!

Inner knees: The inside of your knee, also called the medial knee or the medial compartment, is the area of the knee that’s closest to your opposite knee. Inner Knee liposuction can be a great way for people with excess weight or fatty tissue on their knees to achieve a more shapely form. In this procedure Dr. Mallol will insert small cannulas into specific locations through tiny incisions to remove fat through suction.

Recovery is usually quick and easy. After the procedure, a compression garment will most likely need to be worn immediately and for several weeks after as the initial recovery process takes place.Patients can resume normal activity within two weeks following the procedure.

Front knees: Knee liposuction can be a fantastic way to achieve the beautiful, natural appearance  of your thighs. The procedure removes fat from inside of one’s knees and combined with cosmetic surgery on other areas such as hips or waistline may help you feel more confident!. 

Knee liposuction can be a great way to achieve the look you want without going through months of diet and exercise changes. This surgery focuses on removing fat from around your knees, which will help give them an even skinnier appearance than before! The results are considered permanent as long there isn’t additional weight gain after it’s done.

Recovery from knee liposuction takes between 3 and 4 weeks, but in some cases it may take a little longer. A compression garment will need to be worn immediately and for several weeks after as the initial recovery process takes place.

Calf: Calf liposuction is a procedure that removes the fat cells With just two or three small incisions on your ankle. This type of procedure can help you achieve smooth sculpted results!. Liposuction of the calf area removes fat excess and is most effective when defining the contours of the calves, knees and ankles altogether, creating the image of a more delicate, defined, and slim leg.

The recovery time for liposuction is usually 4-12 weeks, but it can be much sooner if you have a quick surgery with no complications. 

A compression garment will be placed  immediately after the procedure and for several weeks after as the initial recovery process takes place.

Buffalo hump/Back hump: The buildup of excess fat at the base of your back and between shoulder blades is commonly referred to as a buffalo hump. Buffalo Hump is often associated with poor posture caused by a forward head posture. It can be unsightly in most people’s opinion, but we have the perfect solution! “Buffalo Hump Removal” is the latest popular cosmetic procedure to remove excessive fat in the upper back and behind the neck area. 

Liposuction is a relatively simple procedure with several small skin incisions that will remove excess build-up of fat, smooth out the area and restore your normal back shape and function. The recovery time is quick, usually back to work around 1-2 weeks, the final result about 3 months.

Upper-Lower back: With back liposuction, you can get the ultimate solution by combining patented technology with a comfortable patient experience. Our technique enables Dr. Mallol to accurately remove rolls and lumps affecting your natural contours, delivering permanent results.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure with 2-3 small skin incisions that removes the fat and  smooths out the area. The recovery time is quick –  you can usually go back to work around 2 weeks; however it may take as long as 3 months for final results. 

Though back liposuction is typically not a weight loss method, it can help you lose inches. This “inch loss” occurs because fat and unwanted bulges from your body with just one surgery!

You will need to wear a compression garment on your body to decrease swelling and must wear it day/night for a couple of  weeks.Most patients see great improvements after just one month of treatment (though some may need additional liposuction).

Banana rolls: Do you want to take charge of your body? If so, liposuction may be right for you. This procedure treats unwanted fat cells in problem areas like the banana roll beneath one’s buttocks that are hard (and sometimes embarrassing) to deal with on their own without surgery. This change in one’s appearance can boost a patient’s self-esteem by improving how they look in clothes, and out of them! A contouring procedure, liposuction will remove fatty deposits from under the skin which will leave your backside nicely shaped!  Dr. Mallol will remove the unsightly bulges of fat with the suctioning of a cannula, through 2 or 3 tiny entry points. I

Because of the banana roll’s location, combining this treatment with a liposuction for other parts of the body is common. It’s such a small area to treat by itself that many women choose to reshape their buttocks, hips, thighs or somewhere else at the same time. Once the incision is closed, the patient can expect to see swelling in the area and will be asked to wear a compression garment along with bandages for optimal healing. Final results can be expected 4-6 months after the procedure.

Back thighs: Thighs can be a difficult area to lose weight and tone. A great solution is liposuction which will get rid of any excess fat stores on your legs with almost immediate results!! This minimally-invasive technique removes the unwanted fat while sculpting them into the shape you desire!

Through small incisions, Dr. Mallol inserts a cannula to loosen the fat under the skin and then it is sucked out with vacuum suction.

After surgery, swelling is normal. You can help minimize the effects by elevating your legs and wearing compression garments while you’re recovering but it’s best not to exercise or go back out into public until at least two weeks after surgery has passed since any discomfort eases up enough for safe activity again!

Your recovery time from this procedure can be anywhere between 7 and 14 days.

Butt Reduction (lipo): Contrary to popular belief, liposuction is not about removing the optimal amount of fat. What’s more important is how much remains after surgery in order for it not to cause any distortion on your body and preserve its natural contours. Liposuction of the actual butt cheek is not a common procedure due to the increased risk of skin asymmetries and sagging appearance. This is particularly true if the lower half of the buttocks is treated. However, for those who experience oversized buttocks from fat deposits that have grown too large to be corrected with diet and exercise alone; liposuction may provide relief. 

Wearing a compression garment after liposuction is very important to help reduce swelling. The best thing about these garments is that they can be worn anywhere, even when sleeping so you don’t have to lose any sleep due to the discomfort from your procedure!

When the swelling has subsided, typically in about one month, successful buttock liposuction will result in a beautifully contoured posterior. Recovery time can vary depending on the amount of fat removed, with some patients recovering quickly over a week and taking up to three months for pain and discomfort to improve or resolve with more extensive liposuction.

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