If you’re struggling with the look of your jawline, there are multiple surgical and nonsurgical options to help you. Almost everyone will experience sagging jowls as they age. Over time, the skin around your cheeks and jawline loses collagen and elastin, and not also age, weight loss, smoking, sunlight exposure, facial expressions and genetics are all factors 

This area can be stylized along with liposuction. Liposuction is a time-testing and highly effective treatment for fat deposits, the doctor uses a suction-assisted technique that gives predictable and outstanding results, the liposuction cannula can be used to treat the jawline and improve those hated jowls. Swelling and minor bruising is very common, but patients start to see results in a couple weeks. As you can notice, the jawline definition and contouring is significant and can transform the individual’s overall facial appearance.

But if you want a sharp jawline without going through surgery or spending thousands on cosmetic procedures at one time – don’t give up hope just yet.  Non-invasive dermal filler can help with both defining your facial shape as well making it more prominent than before. Nonsurgical options are best suited for patients with mild to moderate fat or loose skin that obscures the jawline. Dermal fillers in the jawline contouring treatment can be placed without any downtime, and patients will resume their regular activities on day one. The mild swelling they experience is due to local anesthetic being used during injection; this only lasts for a few days before improving greatly!

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