V line shape: Using Vaser technology for abdominal etching surgery, we can now remove fat from the abdomen comprehensively. This means removing not only deep-seated fatty tissue (which has limits with traditional liposuction) but also superficial layers that were previously left behind. This allows for a more defined look by most people who choose this type of procedure. The six-pack is a popular abdominal muscle group that can be achieved with this procedure. You can get an extra boost from removing fatty tissue around their midsection, giving you the ability of achieving sleek abs! You’ll need to keep the compression garment on until your doctor gives you permission. 

Six Pack: When it comes to a slimming technique, there is no better option than Six-Pack Liposculpture. Dr. Mallol will outline your abs before making small incisions in the naval/natural creases of the abdomen where they’re inconspicuous with cannula—or flexible tube–inserted through these cuts for sculpting them away by removing excess fat along lines drawn between muscles throughout the body. The result: A slimmer waistline that looks like you spent hours working out! 

There may be some pain at first due to bruising/swelling all over. You will be  fitted with a medical compression garment by Dr. Mallol, once it’s done they’re easy to  wear!

Athletic shape: There are many different names for this procedure, including high definition lipo and 4D gym lipo. The most popular name in the industry though is 3D Liposuction because it can be done anywhere on your body where there’s skin that needs shaping.

Most of the inflammation disappears in the first weeks, it can take three months until the final result is seen. You are advised to limit your physical activity in the first days, avoiding heavy exercises during the first 3-4 weeks. Usually, it will be about a month before you can return to your physical activities normally.

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