Gynecomastia is an imbalance in the amounts of estrogen and testosterone. The cause could be due to certain recreational drugs or prescription medication, but regardless it leads to excess breast tissue for males which can lead them to experience poor self-esteem. They may be embarrassed by their physical appearance. One downside about having gyno? You need surgery but will be so relieved when it’s over! If you are looking to remove excess fat from your breasts, suction assisted liposuction is an excellent option. This technique uses a thin metal cannula that is inserted into the skin and creates small scars where it’s placed which gives this procedure its name – “suction.” The ideal candidate will have mild or moderate amounts of fatty tissue present instead if glandular fever – certain areas such as underarms might also benefit but can be more controversial since people may see them differently depending on why they want surgery in the first place. During an Excision, Dr. Mallol will remove excess breast tissue and skin. The incision scar varies depending on what they are doing but it’s usually not too noticeable because you’re only getting rid of extra stuff that doesn’t look good in order for them to make sure everything looks way better.  A combination combines the two techniques.  Following surgery, you will need to take it easy for a few days. You shouldn’t do anything that would put stress on your incisions or make them hurt more than they already are! That means no sex until after the healing process is complete. Dr. Mallol may choose to use drains, typically these can stay in for 1-2 weeks, removal is performed in the clinic. Pain is minimal and can be handled over the counter or prescribed medicine.

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