Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction helps tighten and sculpt the muscles beneath the chin. This procedure improves the chin’s contour and minimizes the appearance of a double chin. Is desirable for people who are looking to reduce the appearance of a large or defined double chin that appears when they smile.

It creates a less dramatic and more natural transition from your neck to your jawline.The procedure can remove fat and tighten muscle under the chin. This operation has an advantage over full neck lift because it doesn’t make any scars on the front of the neck, and is a procedure that is almost “incision-less.”.  Thanks to chin liposuction, you can expect a more sculpted and defined jawline.

The recovery time is fast and much less than that of a full neck lift.

Some patients feel well enough after chin liposuction to return to work the day after the procedure. Almost all are back within three days when the swelling has lessened, and many are fully recovered after a week. Pain associated with chin lipo is usually minimal. During the procedure, most patients do not feel any pain because surgeons use local anesthesia. Furthermore, this is an outpatient procedure: if everything is okay, the doctor might let you go home as soon as the anesthesia wears off. The pain after the procedure is mild and should go away in five days or less.A person can usually return to normal activities faster with liposuction compared to a more invasive neck lift.

Regular exercise and a low-calorie diet is a great way to help people look and feel more healthy. Though, fat can still accumulate under the chin, resulting in a double chin. Thanks to chin liposuction, people can get rid of a double chin and enhance their facial appearance.

Jawline Improvement

The demand for a chiseled jawline is increasing fast. From celebrities to Instagram influencers, it’s hard not to notice these resculpted features that are popping up all over town!. Regardless of your age, a sharper jawline will help your face to look youthful. If you’re struggling with the look of your jawline, there are multiple surgical and nonsurgical options to help you. Almost everyone will experience sagging jowls as they age. Over time, the skin around your cheeks and jawline loses collagen and elastin, and not also age,weight loss, smoking, sunlight exposure, facial expressions and genetics are all factors

This area can be stylized along with liposuction. Liposuction is a time-testing and highly effective treatment for fat deposits, the doctor uses a suction-assisted technique that gives predictable and outstanding results, the liposuction cannula can be used to treat the jawline and improve those hated jowls. Swelling and minor bruising is very common, but patients start to see results in a couple weeks. As you can notice, the jawline definition and contouring is significant and can transform the individual’s overall facial appearance.

But if you want a sharp jawline without going through surgery or spending thousands on cosmetic procedures at one time – don’t give up hope just yet.  Non-invasive dermal filler can help with both defining your facial shape as well making it more prominent than before. Nonsurgical options are best suited for patients with mild to moderate fat or loose skin that obscures the jawline. Dermal fillers in the jawline contouring treatment can be placed without any downtime, and patients will resume their regular activities on day one. The mild swelling they experience is due to local anesthetic being used during injection; this only lasts for a few days before improving greatly!

Neck Liposuction

If you’re looking to get rid of tired, saggy skin around your neck and jawline then liposuction is an excellent option! Through neck contouring surgery can help patients of any age achieve the naturally beautiful neckline they desire. Neck liposuction can be a beneficial treatment for women and men needing to create a sleeker, slimmer neck, and a stronger facial profile

Liposuction of the neck is one of the most popular liposuction procedures in cosmetic surgery today. If appropriate, it can be performed at the same time as other procedures, such as a facelift, blepharoplasty, or chin liposuction.

​​The natural looking results can erase years from the face. Neck liposuction results can be seen immediately. These results will continue to improve, as any swelling and discoloration resolves. Usually the outcome is a neck that looks like a right angle when viewed from the side, rather than an obtuse angle.

Dr. Mallol’s patients who have excess subcutaneous fat with adequate muscle tone in their necks or jowl area are perfect candidates. Improving a thick, wrinkled or sagging neck can dramatically improve the appearance, helping a patient look years younger.

Almost all patients return to normal activities within three days, after the swelling goes away, and many of them make a full recovery after one week. The pain associated is usually minimal. Pain after the treatment and discomfort is well-controlled with prescription medications.  Heavy lifting and vigorous exercise should be postponed for at least two to three weeks. During a neck liposuction procedure,  tiny incisions are made underneath the chin and a small cannula is inserted so that excess fat deposits may be suctioned

Many patients with loose and sagging skin might also consider having a neck lift (a skin removal and tightening technique) as well to achieve the best results.

Buccal fat removal (Bichat Bag Removal Surgery)

A bichectomy, also known as the buccal fat pad removal, is the surgical removal of buccal fat pads located in the cheeks. With the ability to surgically sculpt your features via this procedure, you can achieve more defined facial contours by removing them.

Is a relatively easy alternative where Dr. Mallol makes a small incision on the inside of the cheeks, near the fat bags, and once it’s localized, removes them and completes their extraction to then suture the wound. It is a quick procedure, which hardly lasts more than an hour to be completed. The size of the buccal fat pad varies with each individual patient, and the buccal fat pad in each cheek may be different sizes.  The size of your buccal fat pads affects your face shape. This surgery is done to reduce the width of round faces. The purpose of their removal is to sharpen the cheeks and accentuate the cheekbones.

There are many benefits to eliminating your buccal fat pad. Not only will it thin out the area of skin under each cheekbone, but you’ll also be revealing more structure and definition for an overall younger looking complexion!

The goal with this type of procedure is specifically thinning out those chubby cheeks by removing their natural fatty tissue (intra-orally) which can make some people appear to have a fuller face.

This surgery provides permanent results, as the fat pads will not regenerate after they are removed. It typically takes about seven to 10 days for the tissues inside the mouth to recover following the procedure. As such, a patient may need to maintain a soft or semi-liquid diet with soup and cold beverages in the first few days after surgery. A special mouth rinse is sometimes recommended for use after a buccal lipectomy.

Fat Transfer to Nasolabial Fold

Nasolabial folds are the indentation lines on either side of the mouth that extend from the edge of the nose to the mouth’s outer corners. They become more prominent when people smile. These folds also usually deepen with age. Some people develop wrinkles next to the nasolabial folds, which may be more visible during smiling. These are sometimes known as smile or laugh lines. Almost everyone has nasolabial folds.

The folds, which are made of dense bundles of fibrous tissue and muscles, tend to become more prominent with age. As the skin becomes thinner and saggy, many people find that their nasolabial folds become more noticeable.

Nasolabial folds become more noticeable due to a variety of factors that includes: sun exposure, which damages the skin, causing wrinkles and changes in texture, loss of collagen with age, making the skin look more weak and thin and weight loss , which can make the cheeks and nearby regions appear saggy. Other factors that play a role are: smoking, exposure to environmental pollution or frequent fluctuations in weight

Fat transfer to the nasolabial fold is a revolutionary procedure that brings about natural results with lasting durability. Unlike other forms of cosmetic surgery, you don’t have any scars on your face or neck where fat grafts are placed; instead they’re harvested from areas like abdomen/thighs (which can also contain more than just subcutaneous fats) Fat is taken from these areas and processed in the laboratory. Broken fat cells, connective tissue and red blood cells are centrifuged away from the fat cells so only pure, intact fat cells are injected into the nasolabial fold. The fat injections do not require any special recovery. You may have some discomfort and swelling & bruises in the area where the fat was removed for the injections.

Glabella Fat Transfer

Frown lines (also known as Glabellar lines) are vertical lines that develop between your eyebrows and nose when you frown due to contraction and movement of two facial muscles called the Procerus and Corrugators

​​The frown lines could cause a person to look much older than what they are. Taking care of deep frown lines is now safer and easier to do than ever before. A facial fat transfer may be the best option to help you reduce the look of aging. ​​Another major benefit of choosing to fill in frown lines with a facial fat transfer is it is safer than using traditional treatments. Using facial fat to fill in frown lines is all natural and is used from the patient’s own body, meaning that the chance of an allergic reaction is incredibly low.

Fat grafting to the glabella or frown lines and pyriform aperture is a reliable method for improving aesthetics. The facial fat grafting process includes three steps. First, a substance called “fat” is removed from another part of the body with an injection needle and then cleaned so only whole intact cells are used. This treatment will help you favorably influence nasofrontal angles as well as your overall look, which is enhanced by an improved nose-face relationship with nearby facial features!. The fat used for this procedure can be taken from any part of the body that has excess fat. Common places are the stomach, thighs, or hips. This means that you will get a younger look while getting rid of some unwanted fat.

Healing period should be a week or less, and optimum results are typically seen in two days.If you are only undergoing facial fat grafting, then the healing period should be one week or less, and optimal results are typically seen in two days.

Mouth lips (upper and lower) fat filler

Mouth Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller and plumper lips. For all lip augmentation procedures, patients will be able to see their results right away.

Fat transfer is an option for patients seeking to  enhance the size and shape of their lips without using synthetic dermal filler and for a long lasting procedure.

An alternative to artificial fillers and implants is using your own tissue for lip augmentation. Using your own tissue for lip augmentation is called autologous lip augmentation. Fat transfer is one type of autologous lip augmentation and is another great option for lip augmentation. Like lip fillers, fat transfer to the lips is an in-office procedure. Fat transfer to the lips is performed under local anesthesia.

The procedure requires a small area  that has excess fat for liposuction to remove the fat from another part of your body before the injection can take place such as the stomach, arms or thighs. After carefully marking the areas to be injected, very fine needles are used to inject the substance into your lips which means not any visible scars.

The fat comes from one’s abdomen, buttocks or thighs where it has been purified before injecting into lip areas. This naturally enhances volume by providing more fullness than traditional fillers such as collagen provide, while also stimulating circulation in those locales which helps with healing. Recovery time varies depending on how much fat is transferred. The person may experience some bruising and swelling around the mouth area for about one week after surgery. Following injection, ice may be given to ease discomfort and control swelling. But no firm pressure should be put on the treatment area. Will be able to notice a difference immediately. After you have healed, your lips should feel natural.

Under Eyes fat fill

Hollow under eyes, commonly referred to as tear troughs because of their depth and position in the face, is a problem suffered from a lack of volume in the under eye area. Like puffy under eye bags, it can leave people looking tired, older, and lacking energy.

Under eye hollows can be a genetic issue, and also an aging related issue of the diminishment of fat and soft tissue as one gets older. Darkness under the eyes in the area known as the under-eye trough

Some of the causes also might be: Pigmentation caused by genetics or sun exposure, pooling of blood, or collection of iron deposits from the blood in the lower eyelids, thin eyelid skin caused by genetics or aging to the point of translucent skin, showing anatomic elements like veins and blood vessels, allergies that cause swelling of blood vessels under the eyes (allergic shiners), dietary issues like too much salt causing blood vessels to take on a bluish tinge, lifestyle choices like smoking, which can make blood vessels under the eyes appear darker.

Fat grafting to the eyelids and periorbital is a delicate surgical treatment that can improve volume, contour of soft tissue around one’s eyes. It addresses hollow or sunken eye creases, dark circles, and it also helps with thinning skin caused by aging. This highly specialized procedure restores beauty through adding healthy fats into depleted areas where there were none before – improving your facial features and overall complexion. Facial fat grafting is a surgical procedure where liposuction is performed on your body and the harvested fatty tissue will be processed for transfer into areas that require volume repletion.The fat comes from one’s abdomen, buttocks or thighs where it has been purified before injecting into lip areas.  The recovery time for under-eye fat grafting is about a week since it’s minimally invasive.


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