If in spite of your best efforts you are still seeing a protruding belly resembling pregnancy, you may need to consider surgery.

The condition occurs due to separation between two areas of muscles that are supposed to work together for support; it often happens during later stages of pregnancy. The abdominal bulge is just one of the symptoms associated with diastasis recti. In addition, you may be experiencing “tenting” or “doming”, lower back pain, umbilical hernia, and incontinence.

Dr. Mallol will  make an incision below the bikini line, allowing him access to separated muscles as well a hernia, if it exists. The fascia is then plicated by sewing weakened and thinned connective tissue into place so that they can be put back in their original destination which eliminates gaps in between them, restoring strength once again without any symptoms associated with this condition left behind!

You can start returning back into normal activities at about 4 weeks after the procedure with no strenuous exercises allowed until 6th week.

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