Dr. Mallol will administer a soothing tumescent liquid to numb the area, that reduces discomfort for most patients. This allows them to not need any local anesthesia because of its presence in lidocaine which helps with pain management during procedures, like this one.

Once the fat deposit under your chin has been sufficiently softened with a tumescent solution, it is ready for sculpting. Dr. Mallol will insert a thin tube called a cannula via tiny hidden entry points and vacuum away unwanted cells that will define facial features like your chin or necks according to specifications you want!

If you’re feeling well enough after chin lipo to return back at work the day of your procedure, then most likely it will be just a few days before swelling and pain have lessened. Many patients are fully recovered within 1-7 business days following surgery with no long term side effects!

The doctor strongly advises patients to wear a wrap or strap for two weeks after surgery in order to reduce post-operative swelling and help the skin return back into its normal position.

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