The more advanced version of traditional jaw and chin surgeries, it generally involves breaking bones to fix protruding features in order create an aesthetically pleasing face without harsh angles like many people think they have.

The pre-surgery preparation starts with an x-ray examination to determine the shape and location of bones in your mouth. Two incisions are then made on either side, one inside while another outside accesses what’s needed for surgery; namely fractures that will weaken them so they may be easily pushed inward from front or sides without resistance due their reduced size when compared before treatment began! If necessary – depending upon severity—the surgeon might also cut away part(s) off the zygoma bone’s body which makes it L shaped (with short bottom).

The zygoma bone is fixated with screws once in the desired position to prevent movement. Drains are placed and fluids held off from building up inside of one’s surgical area; these incisions will be closed by sutures after initial healing occurs (usually 3 days). Patients must stay overnight at their respective hospitals for monitoring purposes but usually only need bandages worn on day 1-3 following surgery: apply them tightly until then!

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