The “normal” physiological responses following placement of implants can cause inflammation followed by capsule formation around them. There is no effective treatment for capsular contracture. The only way to reduce or eliminate this condition, may cause painful muscle spasms and distortion of the skin around joints (with associated pain), and implant disfigurement, (a layer of microorganisms such as bacteria) caused by infection, hematoma (buildup of blood), during surgery seroma (buildup of fluid), under the skin rupture of an implant. 

During a capsulectomy, Dr. Mallol will remove the existing implant and surrounding tissue capsule to insert an entirely new one. The dermal matrix material provides extra protection for you while also helping formation of scarring around it all helps ensure stability in this procedure.

The goal during an open capsulotomy is for the surgeon to cut open your tissue capsule so that it gives room for movement. In some cases, they may also remove any existing implants and replace them with new ones; this process usually takes around one hour or less depending on how complicated things are at first glance.

Autologous reconstruction is a surgical procedure where doctors remove your implant and reconstruct it with tissue from another part of the body, such as abdomen or buttocks. This approach eliminates any risk for capsular contracture because there won’t be any problematic capsule.

Recovery from a capsulectomy surgery can take anywhere between four and 14 weeks, depending on the type of procedure performed. During this time you may experience breast pain or swelling in addition to bruising at varying degrees according to severity; there is also likely going to be some nerve discomfort like tingling or burning that will occur along with it. 

You will be prescribed medication to soothe any discomfort and may also be asked for a gentle breast massage. You will wear a support bra according to the Dr. Mallols instructions while healing is happening in order to reduce swelling, optimize wound closure rates – all of which leads up towards better results!

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