In contrast to a blepharoplasty, Canthoplasty is a surgery focused on the outer corner area around one’s eye that will be lifted and reshaped into an almond configuration while also slightly increasing size, opening up more space making the eye appear bigger. The aging process can cause the lid to drop, but it’s also possible for this condition to arise from poor cosmetic surgery, cancer or sun damage. 

Your surgery will be performed using anesthesia and, if necessary IV sedation. The procedure typically takes from one to two hours with cutting of the lower canthal tendon being done in order for it be repositioned or tightened as needed; an incision is usually made within natural crease at eyelid’s outer corner so there isn’t any visible scarring associated when performing this operation.

The first thing you will notice after awakening from surgery is that your vision is blurry. This isn’t due to the anesthetic but rather because of a medicine applied during procedures which helps prevent drying out and infection.

You will need someone to drive you home from surgery and stay with you for the first day or two after your procedure. It’s important not only because it ensures comfort but it will be necessary to wear eye shields, which protect against infection by preventing anything touching your eyes while they’re healing (and keep out light), it should be worn at all times unless specifically told otherwise during recovery time; this includes outside activities like walking or sitting in a car..

After surgery, Dr. Mallol will advise you not to rub or flush the area around your eyes for at least one month. This is a sensitive time in which complications can arise from infections being allowed access into this delicate tissue surrounding your eyes-therefore use of artificial tears may be necessary as well along with ointments/drops designed specifically toward preventing infection. Steroid medications might also become necessary when swelling is an issue.

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