Liposuction can  be used to reduce lower leg fat but its slimming effects depend upon factors like individual skin elasticity which may vary from person-to -person. Based on their calf size or other physical attributes they possess, a specialized surgical plan will be devised between you and Dr. Mallol. 

Calf liposuction: This is the gold standard for treating large calves and ankles. Tumescent lipo removes fatty tissue with anesthesia, making it an effective way to remove excess weight from your ankles without risking any other long term complications that might come along with storing up extra volume in this area.

While it is common to expect certain levels of discomfort after calf reduction surgery – especially while recovering from more invasive procedures – it is critical to reach out to Dr. Mallol if things go wrong. If you experience persistent side effects such as swelling, numbness, or extremely painful symptoms that do not show signs of improvement, contact him right away.

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