The butt implants need to be inserted whole, through an incision in each buttocks which is usually made at the crease of your behind (“butt crack”). The scar will heal and disappear without any trace. You’ll leave with the  larger rear end you have always wanted!  

For a few days following surgery, moderate to severe pain and tenderness in the area is common. Management through medication will manage this discomfort effectively until Dr. Mallol clears you for heavy activity again; however, it’s important not to sit down or lie on your back unless cleared by Dr. Mallol because this can cause harm. You may also use compression garments at home while healing if you had a liposuction procedure done at the same time. 

The implants will feel firm and settle in a high position after the procedure. Over time, they’ll soften and drop down to where you want them, by about 6 weeks!

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