​​The buccal fat doesn’t always respond to diet and exercise, leading people who have lost large amounts of weight to remain unhappy with their chubby cheeks. This surgery corrects an unbalanced appearance by removing facial features that no longer fit with the rest of your body or face profile; it also leaves behind no scarring because it’s performed intra-orally!

The process for cheek reduction surgery is rather simple. Dr. Mallol will examine your face and come up with a personalized game plan that is designed for you. Let’s work together on achieving the look of choice! Dr. Mallol will go in and create a small incision inside the mouth. This incision can be created on either one or both sides of the face. This is dependent on the patient’s goal and is discussed with the doctor before the surgery. 

Recovery time following buccal fat pad removal is typically about seven to ten days. A patient may need a soft or semi-liquid diet in the first few days post surgery, but most people can eat anything they want once their mouth has healed enough for proper chewing motion! There are also special mouth rinses that patients should use; these products help prevent infections.

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