Breast reconstruction occurs after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. If you have breast cancer, you may need chemotherapy or radiation before breast reconstruction surgery. Dr. Mallol will discuss your surgical options with you. First, he will conduct a comprehensive examination. Measurements and  photographs of your breasts will be taken. 

Anesthesia will be given so you will be asleep and pain free during the surgery! If you have decided to get implant reconstruction, he will place the implant in your chest after a pocket has been created. If you have chosen to have a flap procedure, he will take tissue from one part of your body, form it and reconstruct the new breast. Dr. Mallol may insert a drain (a thin tube) under your skin. One end of the tube sticks out from your chest. The tube will drain fluid and blood as you recover. Dr. Mallol will remove the tubes when he no longer thinks you need them.

The surgical team will monitor your blood flow to make sure that you’re recovering well after surgery. Drains placed in the breast and donor area of your abdomen stay put for two to three weeks while you recover at home, but they can be taken out during an office visit. After six weeks (or sooner!) patients may resume their regular activities – some work depending on job requirements-and light exercise!

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