If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms after breast reconstruction surgery, it’s time to seek a doctor’s attention right away: Pain or discomfort in your chest wall, inflamed skin around breasts where implant should be located, plugged milk ducts, implant displacement, symmastia, dynamic  distortion, capsular contracture, infection, implant ruptured, implant extrusion.

The goal of corrective surgery is to create a personalized plan for each individual. This may involve exploring different options depending on what happened in past surgeries. How has it impacted you now? Such as using tissue from another part of the body rather than an implant because there’s less risk associated with this type of procedure.When compared against other types that require muscle attachment or movement around them during healing time, this may be a better option for you.

If you are still undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, it’s important that the breasts settle into their new position before any corrective surgery takes place. This will allow for a healthier outcome of your procedure as well!

The doctor can perform corrective surgery soon after an initial reconstruction without worrying about complications arising from waiting months between procedures because this is such dynamic tissue. There’s always some swelling and distortion while we heal, but these things go away once the healing process has begun. 

The surgical team will monitor your blood flow to make sure that you’re recovering well after surgery. You’ll remain under close watch for three or five days, depending on the type of procedure performed and how quickly you are recovering.  Drains placed in the breast and donor area of your abdomen stay put for two to three weeks while you recover at home, but they can be taken out during an office visit. After six weeks (or sooner!) patients may resume their regular activities – some work depending on job requirements-and light exercise!

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