This is due to his love for delivering beautiful results, which are envied by patients everywhere! The latest innovation – cohesive gel implants – delivers the most desirable, beautiful results for his patients. The cohesive gel implant type is loved by many people for how effortlessly natural it looks!

During the surgery, Dr. Mallol will make an incision either in the crease under your breast, your armpit or around your nipple. He will separate your breast tissue from your chest. This creates a pocket either behind or in front of one’s outermost muscle (pectoralis) and inserts the implant into its newly created space for support purposes. 

You will probably feel sore the first week or so, and it is best not to exercise for about 2-4 weeks. Dr. Mallol might also ask that you wear a supportive surgical bra upon release from anesthesia as well; this helps with healing.

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