The decision to replace or remove your breast implants should be made based on what’s best for you and how long they’ll last. It can vary depending upon the individual, but 10-15 years seems like a fair estimate in most cases.

During the operation, Dr. Mallol will make an incision around the circle of darker skin around your nipple (areola) or under the lower fold of your breasts (inframammary fold), remove implants and scar tissue,  then place new implants, if you are also having implant replacement.

When you first wake up after surgery, it is important to ensure that your pain medication helps minimize discomfort. Minimizing the amount of time spent sitting down will make all aspects easier for recovery and quicker return-to-work status! If you’re worried about sagging or drooping after having an implant removed, a breast lift can be combined with the surgery. You’ll still look great and feel fabulous in your body again!

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