Saline and silicone implants come in different sizes, with either a smooth or textured shell. Each type has its own set of benefits that make them perfect for certain patients depending on what they prefer!

Dr. Mallol will make a cut under your breasts, armpits, belly button or around the nipples, depending on your personalized surgical plan. Once the implants have been placed in its designated area above or below the chest muscle, he will close the incision points using sutures or surgical tape.

After your breast augmentation surgery, you will be covered with gauze and may need drainage tubes (mostly when breast reduction is performed). You may need to wear a surgical bra to help support the area while it heals; however this isn’t necessary all of the time. For 6-8 weeks after getting implants it’s important that you don’t do any heavy lifting or push yourself hard physically because your body has not yet fully recovered.

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