People often seek back lifts after a massive weight loss that has left them with sagging and loose skin. Sometimes liposuction and other body sculpting techniques are done at the same time as a back lift. Together, these procedures can create a firmer overall appearance.

Some people feel that they need a bra line lift in order to look their best. A back or upper-back lift procedure can target loose, sagging skin and rolls of fatty tissue found along the midsection, as well at higher elevations on either side near your shoulders blades. The goal for this type of surgery is usually about making one’s body appear more contoured and fit by correcting any issues with hanging skin due to a significant amount of weight loss. 

Once the surgery begins, Dr. Mallol will create an incision in the identified area of the back, hidden in the bra line. Excess skin is removed thus your skin will be stretched to eliminate wrinkles and folds, then reattached at the incision point.

When you have back surgery, it’s important to keep in mind that most discomfort can be managed with medication. You may need 1-2 weeks off work and should avoid heavy lifting during this time period as well. Drains are usually removed within the first 2 weeks after a lift operation while stitches stay intact for 4 – 6 months depending on how they healed.

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