The anatomy of the Asian nose is different from that in Westerners. The septal cartilage can be weaker, and they also have a thicker skin on their nose which impacts tip refinement techniques used during treatments for rhinoplasty procedures.

The second difference between Asian and Western rhinoplasties has to do with how doctors perform them. In Asia, there is usually less septal cartilage for them so surgical techniques may involve harvesting cartilage from elsewhere. These include using  the ear cartilage and rib cartilage. Ear cartilage is readily available and may be enough to achieve your goals. But if more support is required, may use rib cartilage. A rhinoplasty (with cartilage grafting), will require 1 to 2 weeks of rest at home. During this time, the swelling will subside, the bruising will improve, and there will be less discharge from your nose. However, you should wait at least 6 weeks or until cleared before you return to any contact sports

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