This makes him sought after internationally by many patients who want only the most natural results! Typically noses of African descent are wider and more flat looking, by undergoing an African-American rhinoplasty, patients can dramatically improve facial balance and aesthetics, increasing their confidence levels as a result

Your nose is a part of your identity, and should match your ideals and culture. The inexperienced rhinoplasty surgeon relies on using similar maneuvers for all patients to ensure consistency in results – however this robs you from having an individualized experience! Dr Mallol has traveled across many cultures around the world; he uses his unique perspective when shaping with your ethnicity mind, while taking care to preserve your natural features.

There is no standard nose for a particular face, it’s just that a person vary from one to the other not just because of the balance of the nose to the face but also when it comes to the ethnicity since different races changes in facial features from the other races as well

Successful African American rhinoplasty requires much more precision and attention to detail than a typical rhinoplasty procedure. After surgery, there will be some swelling. The swelling can take many months to resolve, although most people stop noticing it after a couple of months. People are usually back to performing most activities after a week and resuming all activities after two to four weeks.

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