Tips to prepare for your Plastic Surgery consultation.

As you have decided to have the procedure and booked your appointment for surgery and consultation, here are some things you should take into consideration:

–          It is normal to have fears and anxieties, discuss them with the doctor during the consultation and feel free to take notes. This can help ease your anxiety and can be a great reference if you forget any details discussed during the consultation.

–          Define your goals and expectations and clearly articulate your goals on what you hope to achieve with the procedure. Provide specific details about your desired outcome,

–          Make a list of questions, that way you can make sure to get all the information you need, be specific but don’t be too aggressive. Being aggressive can make it difficult for you and the doctor to work together.

–          We recommend the mirror test. Stand in front of a mirror and truly look at yourself for a few minutes. What do you see that you do not like? What would you change? Now, write it down and bring it with you to your initial consultation so that you can get feedback and answers to all these questions.

–          Remember to keep an open mind. Your doctor is an expert. You might think you need one procedure when in fact a completely different procedure will give you better results for what you want. Making the decision to have plastic surgery is exciting. However, this excitement induces a certain amount of apprehension, and you need to discuss this in every detail.

–          Don\\\’t be afraid to ask for clarification: If you don\\\’t understand something during the consultation, don\\\’t hesitate to ask for further explanation. It\\\’s essential to have a clear understanding of the procedure.

Together you and Dr. Mallol can determine what is needed to look your best while taking into consideration your needs and your body type.