High-definition liposuction vs liposuction- What is the difference?

Liposuction is overall one of the most popular body contouring procedures performed by plastic surgeons because patients love that they can finally resolve stubborn fat that won´t go away with diet and exercise alone.

Although is a classic procedure, various techniques and technologies used to perform lipo have evolved over the last few decades. These changes mainly involve the use of specific cannulas, energy, or power assist devices to make easier and gentler fat removal.

One of the newer options for a liposuction procedure is known as “high definition” liposuction, here we will discuss some differences.

Traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove fat and to improve the size of a specific area like the stomach, hips, thighs, arms, etc.

The high-definition liposuction uses similar techniques used in traditional liposuction; however, it involves the surgeon approaching the fat removal process differently to precisely sculpt the treated area to improve its contours and muscular definition. The horizontal lines between the rectus muscles are also defined to give the appearance of a “six-pack”.

High-definition liposuction is often performed with the use of vibrational amplification of sound energy at resonance (VASER), this involves using ultrasound technology to break up the fat and make the extraction process more precise, also the high-definition liposuction works best for people who are less than 30 percent over their ideal body weight, with healthy muscle and skin tone. Patients must follow the recovery instructions provided by the doctor for proper healing and good result.